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Personal Services Provided


Personal Consulting Services                    

Automobile Insurance Coverage

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Personal Liability Insurance Coverage

Income Protection Coverage

Medical Benefits Coverage

How to maximize Social Security Benefits

Effective Use of Wills/Trusts

Proper Ownership of Property Arrangements

Proper Use of Life Insurance/Term, Universal, & Whole Life

Proper use of Checking/Savings Accounts

Credit Union Benefits

Effective Management of savings Bonds

Effective Use/CD Management Strategies

Effective Use of Money Markets Accounts

Annuity Strategies

Life Insurance Cash Value Strategies

Roth IRA Strategies/Conversions

Effective Use of 529 Plans

IRA Accumulation/Distribution Strategies

401(k) Accumulation/Distribution Strategies

Effective Utilization/Gov’t, Corporate & Municipal Bonds

Effective Use of Preferred Stock, Blue Chip Stocks & Growth Securities

Managing any Collectible Asset

Effective Utilization of Real Estate Assets

Effectively Integrating Personally Owned Business Assets with Wealth Building


Business Services Provided


Business Consulting Services

Business Vehicle Coverage

Business Commercial Building Coverage

Business Professional Liability Coverage

Malpractice Liability Coverages

Business Disability Buyout Coverages

Business Equipment Payment Coverages

Business/Professional Overhead Expense Coverages

Business Medical Benefit Design Coverages

SBA Loan Consulting

Pension/Payment Coverages

Business Ownership Agreements

Business/Buy/Sell Agreements

Deferred Compensation Agreements

Business Compensation Agreements/Discriminatory

Business Compensation Agreements/Non Discriminatory

Partnership Agreements

Business Life Insurance Ownership Strategies

Deductible Business Owned Life Insurance Plans

Effective Use of Business Checking/Savings Accounts

Business Credit Union Financing Plans

Business Owned Money Market Plans

Business Owned Life Insurance Cash Value Strategies

SEP/Simple Qualified Plans

401(k),457,403(b) Plans

Pension Plans/Administration

Business Investment Gov’t,Corporate,Municipal Bond Accounts

Business Equity, Mutual Fund Accounts

Business Collectible Asset Coverages

Business Real Estate & Stock Ownership Strategies

ESOP Plans

Subsidiary Business Ownership Strategies