Our Qualifications

At Legacy Wealth Strategies,LLC, we recognize that our current and future clients have access to numerous people in their financial lives who can assist them in financial decision making.

The uniqueness of our firm is that we have highly qualified associates who can assist our clients in all facets of their financial lives.  The main difference between our firm and others is that those associates can be engaged with one stop...our local office.

All of us have numerous people who help us financially.  We have our banker, our accountant, our property and casualty person, our life insurance person, our "investment" guy, our realtor, and so on.

The difficulty with this arrangement is that our client tends to get advice from these people based on, simply enough, what little these people know about them.  

Imagine if your medical professionals operated the same way, having little or no communication with each other about your health.  In fact, if they did operate that way wouldn't it stand to reason that in some cases a recommendation without all of the facts could actually end up harming you more than helping you?

Financially though, when was the last time all of the people in your financial life were sitting around the same table, all together, talking about YOU, the client?  The answer is almost NEVER.  

Being uniquely qualified not only means having the education, experience and credentials to assist you, it also means being qualified to interract with all of those people counseling you...making sure they are all on the same page!